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Who Owns the Most AMP Crypto – Wallet Tracking 

February 25, 2022
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AMP token has seen a massive surge in both new holders but partnerships as well. While the price action is currently correlated with Bitcoin’s, the project has been seen as extremely bullish by many crypto investors.

AMP token holders have grown almost 40% in the last 3 months, from an average of 57k to almost 70k holders.

While the top 10% holders own over 80% of the asset, one particular holder owns 21% of total AMP coins.

Who owns the most AMP crypto?

Meet 0xa1981a5f5f0c7712d7b045439679a030331053ea , let’s call it Tom.

A half of a billion worth of AMP is held by the previous mentioned wallet. While skeptics could say the wallet is owned by an exchange, we couldn’t find anything that would point to the fact.

So how does Tom bought or received the AMP tokens, when and who’s the owner?

According to EtherScan.io, the coins have been moved between wallets a few times, let’s follow the money!

On September 24, 2021, approximately 22 Billion AMP tokens were moved from a Coinbase wallet to Tom’s wallet.

On October the 1st, 2021, Tom’s moved the 22 Billion coins to this address 0x84a75267e35ea05fb8aa324e5778cdf5edc386f0 which will call it Bob. Tom sent most of the coins to Bob, except 6 Million coins which he transferred to another wallet. Since the second transfer is very small compared with the 22 Billion one, we will not follow it.

Then on Tuesday, November 9th 2021, Bob sent most of the 22 Billion coins ( 3.95 Million less than he received) to 0x7099732080dce9eb4df17c000cb6034c42ac02de which will call Alice.

Alice didn’t waste to much time, on December 17th, 2021, she sends 22 Billion minus few hundred thousands coins (which she sends to a wallet we don’t follow) to 0xa5cbff6980468ffdea5c22e5229853c621ff8a57, let’s call it Jack (yes, I am running out of names).

Just 3 days later, on December 20th, Jack followed the same pattern, sending the 22 Billion to one address (0xa7166f544015bb75c5c63e9e4fdd9f3f85068d06, which is Jen) and 455k coins to another.
Two weeks later Jen sends it to Matt (0xb62ff67047b8847ae45b44d1baa0e722c9fcd550) which then sends it to Rusty (0xa1981a5f5f0c7712d7b045439679a030331053ea), where it is still being held as of today (2/24/2022).

So the biggest wallet has changed 6 hands.

Tom -> Bob -> Alice -> Jack -> Jen -> Rusty.

While here we fictionalized the owners, in reality the owner can be the same person or entity.
So who owns the most AMP crypto? Rusty does. 21% of the whole asset, roughly $500 Million as of today's price of $0.03.

Who is Rusty, the largest AMP holder?

That’s unknown, as of now at least. The beauty of crypto.