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Can you move a Helium Miner? What’s the best location?

March 16, 2022
3 minutes read

Moving your Helium miner is as easy as it sounds, the miner can be moved freely anytime you want, however there are some things you want to keep in consideration before you’re doing it, especially if the new location is further than 0.3 miles away.

There could be many reasons why you are considering relocating your Helium Hotspot, but earning a great amount of tokens is not, so if your miner performs well in comparison with others around you, don’t touch it.

Top reasons you should consider moving the Helium Hotspot location.

  1. The hex you are in is crowded. Things change, mining HNT has become very popular, many of your neighbors noticed how much you are earning so they got a miner as well.
  2. Your miner doesn’t earn as much as you wish. Compare your miner revenue to the ones nearby, you probably have done this already.
  3. Poor internet connectivity at current location.
  4. The internet provider filed a complaint. While this doesn’t happen very often, there have been cases. 

What should I know before moving my Helium miner?

You should choose it’s new location wisely and you need to be aware of the fact that you might have to pay.

Before you are moving your miner, check the Helium Network Map, make sure the new location is not crowded, and your antenna can be set higher than those of the other miners.

What is the best location for earning the most HNT?

You have spent money and energy to acquire and set up your miner, the location is extremely important, so don’t treat it lightly.

Helium uses the “Proof of Coverage” consensus, which implies that the more area your hotspot covers, the more it can earn. Doing so you will have to get a good antenna which should be located as high above ground as possible. Each antenna is different, the extent of coverage depends on it, here is an article that might help.

New Hotspot Location Chosen - What’s next?

After you have chosen the new location, you will have to assert it. 

Anytime you choose to relocate your miner outside of a 0.25-0.3 miles radius of current location, you will have to update it in your Helium app as well. Asserting a new location is not free, there is a 1,000,000 data credits charge.


New location Asserted - What’s next? How to move it? Any other tips?

Moving it is simple, just turn it off or unplug it, disconnect the antenna and move it to the desired location.

The new location should have internet access and a source of energy. Never place the miner outdoors, unless it was specifically built for an outdoors environment. Keep the miner away from direct sunlight or any other source of heat.

Once you asserted the new location and you paid the fee, you have to wait for the full sync with the blockchain. Syncing time can greatly fluctuate, however you should expect between 24-48 hours before your miner will start earning again. 

Happy mining!