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How to Sell Your Helium Miner?

March 16, 2022
3 minutes read

In this article, I will explain how to sell your Helium (HNT) Miner and give you some insight into the preparation of this process. If you want to change the ownership of your miner and sell it or just simply give it away to someone that you know, here is where you will find out how to do so. Without much further due, let’s get into it.

What do you need before you transfer your ownership or sell your Helium Miner?

A very important thing that is a must, is that the person you are transferring your Miner to has to have at least one Helium in their wallet. This is completely necessary before you give your Miner away. Without an HNT in this new wallet, you will not be able the transfer your ownership and the buyer will not be able to pay for the Data Credits (DC). Therefore, the transfer will be left incomplete.

A second thing would be to make sure that the Hotspot had activity in the least 24 hours, any kind of activity is a good one. This way you will be sure that it is a working one, not damaged or broken, this tip is both for selling and buying an HNT Miner. This is one warning that the official Helium website is pointing out as well. It’s crucial to make sure that the Hotspot is in good working shape, and have to understand that there is no guarantee that the Hotspot will arrive in working conditions!

Thirdly, do not sync your Helium Hotspot before selling it, that will kill all the signs of activity, questioning your Hotspot’s condition and delay your transfer of ownership. We already know that by synchronizing your Hotspot, it will not be asserted to a location or witnessing any bacon. Therefore, it does not have any signs of life.

A small reminder. For you to transfer your HNT Miner successfully your Hotspot does not have to be connected through Bluetooth or online. You can transfer your Hotspot to any part of the world.

Guided walkthrough on how to sell your Helium (HNT) Miner.

First thing first, after completing the things written above, you start with the obvious. Open the Helium App, and choose the Miner you want to sell. After choosing it, you have to click on “Transfer Hotspot”, make sure to type exactly the name of the Hotspot you want to transfer so the buyer can easily recognize it later in the process, once typed, proceed to continue with the transfer.

Please note that once you did this the transfer can not be canceled or changed! Therefore, pay attention and make sure to have the correct buyer address!

Once you complete these steps, you will have to scan the barcode of the buyer's address ( if you are in the same place with him), the barcode can be sent to you by the buyer through WhatsApp.

Now from the buyer’s perspective, he will have to view the transfer, verify the name that was earlier used by you when you transferred the Hotspot, and “Complete Transfer”.

After completing the transfer the buyer will get the Hotspot in approximately half an hour on his Helium App. And that’s it, you sold your Helium Miner!