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How long does it take for Helium Miner to sync?

March 14, 2022
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Helium is a blockchain-based network that connects to the “Internet of Things” also known as IoT. The network is composed of Miners also called HotSpots, which are specifically built for the Helium network.

Helium native token is also called Helium (HNT), one of the main functions of the token is to reward the miners.

There are few different brands of HNT miners on the market, however, there is not a significant difference between Rak, Bobcat, Proton, Nebra or any other in regards to time required to synchronize with the network, except one, arguably SenseCap, which has a TurboSync mode.

How long does it take for Helium Miners to sync?

Helium network depends on the number of deployed Hotspots, is critical to its integrity, more Hotspots means better coverage for the network, and a fast sync between the two is in the interest of both parties.

The average time required for the Hotspot to fully sync with the blockchain (rest of the hotspots) is between 12 and 24 hours, however, there were many instances where it took up to a week for a complete operational status.

How can I speed up the Helium Hotspot sync?

Unfortunately there are not too many things you can do to speed it up, patience is key. One important thing that many miners omit is that the device will need its firmware updated, so before you start connecting it to your phone, just screw in the antenna, plug it in and let it be for 20-30 minutes.

If your goal is a fast sync, connect your miner to the internet via Ethernet not Wi-Fi, this has been debated that could potentially help the sync time. 

Few other things that won’t necessarily speed up the syncing but at least it won’t slow it down.

  1. Don’t plug/unplug the device while it’s trying to sync.
  2. Do not change/remove the antenna.
  3. Always check miner specifications/ troubleshooting hand book.

Generally speaking, a faster internet and a better connection to the source of the internet has an impact on the time required to fully sync, however the Helium network status might play a role as well.

How to check the Helium sync time progress?

Checking the actual progress of the sync can be done within the app, syncing won’t be affected. 

First step is to pair your phone app with the device via Bluetooth, then click diagnostic and you should see a progress percentage for the syncing.

The hotspot is fully synced, what now?

If your miner has fully synced that means the hotspot is providing your city with miles of low-power network for millions of IoTs and in exchange you will be rewarded HNT which can be sold on the free market at current price or staked for future rewards.