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How much can you make with a M2PRO MXC miner?

March 22, 2022
2 minutes read

Mining without the cooler fans noise, without the heat and without the huge power bill, sounds too good to be true? Well, M2PRO MXC miner can accomplish that.
IoT has become very popular in the crypto space due to Helium token success, however recently a new IoT token has started to gain traction, meet MXC.

What is MXC?

While you might be thinking that MXC is a brand new coin, it is not. MXC has been around for quite a while, 4 years more exactly.

MXC is an ERC20 utility token which is used through the MXC Supernode network for conducting device transactions, the tech is open-source and the team behind it aims to revolutionize wireless communication.

The token has a total supply of 2.64B coins, with the circulation supply of 2.64B (100% of the coins are already in circulation)

How much money can a M2PRO MXC miner make?

Mining MXC is extremely easy compared with the old school mining of Bitcoin, Litecoin or other PoW coins, however, probably it is not fair to compare the two types of mining since M2PRO is a plug and play.

According to their official website, the miner makes between $10-12 a day, which I know doesn't sound very good, especially since the cost of it is almost $4,000, but listen to the end.
One big plus about this particular miner is that you will mine $10-12 worth of coins, every day, even when the price of the coin fluctuates.

I know, this is new!
Let me explain it to you.

Basically, if the price of an MXC token is $0.10, you are getting 100-120 MXC coins a day. If the price falls to $0.05, then you're gonna mine 200-240 MXC coins. If the price goes to $1, you're gonna mine 10-12 coins a day.

As mentioned above, M2PRO miner is a plug and play, which means that the setup won’t take more than 5 minutes, allowing people without any technical skills to be able to mine crypto.
While Helium miners are factory built to mine HNT tokens, M2PRO can mine DHX, Bitcoin and soon Polygon too, which makes it less vulnerable in case the underlying asset ceases to exist.


M2PRO might be a great miner if you don’t put a lot of weight on ROI (return of investment), you looking for something that can be set up quickly, doesn’t consume a lot of energy and is silent.